We Are Hiring Mothers and Housewives

We are looking for academically brilliant Graduate, Postgraduate, and Ph.D. Mothers and Housewives from top-notch universities. This is to fill position of Academic Writers in various subjects to help students from global universities with online tutoring, assignments, essay, thesis, and dissertation. 

Kindly note that this is NOT a content writing work. It needs STRONG ACADEMIC KNOWLEDGE and you will be tested on the same during interviews and written tests.

Whats In For You?

MyWritingMaster is majorly run by a super efficient team of working moms and housewives from the last 6 years. Even in this cut-throat competitive world, we have been able to mark year on year growth in profits without compromising on personal commitments & overall life happiness and we are VERY PROUD of it. For us, your personal life is as important as your professional life, and thanks to our well-established IT structure which gives independence at the same time regulates the smooth functioning of work. We have a close-knit work culture in which everyone who joins us, soon becomes a part of the family where you will not only be assisted in your daily work, but you can also discuss matters which might be affecting you personally. 

We encourage the environment of personal hobbies, fun, and get-togethers (check pictures), but since most of our team works from home, it practically becomes a little difficult to call everyone on a common time for parties due to their personal commitments and we understand it. 

We have a fixed office in Bangalore and a co-working office in Netherlands (soon in Australia as well), where you can come and work whenever you wish to. 

In short, you will feel a well-balanced environment of professionalism as well as personal touch working with us 🙂


Your Deliverables


You will be hired as academic subject matter experts in your expertise. We are outsourced academic writer partners of various international academic help companies which help international students with problems in their academic assignments, essays, thesis, and dissertations. So basically you will get to solve case studies and problems discussed in renowned international universities.

 You can imagine that it is a brilliant opportunity if you are preparing for your Ph.D. or want to grow your career in academics. 

Whenever we receive orders from our clients in your subject, we will send it to you for confirmation. If you think it doesn't fall in your expertise, then you are free to reject. 

The comfort of working with us comes with strong professionalism. So with all the independence of time and choice of assignments, we expect you to follow some strict do's and don'ts like 'To the point answers', 'No plagiarism Policy', 'Strict referencing policy', 'adhering to Bloom's taxonomy', 'following assignment requirements', ' sticking to marking rubrics',  etc. 


Some Of Our Key Features

On Time & Higher Payments Rates
Work on Subjects of Your Choice
Work From Anywhere
Regular Handholding and Constant Learning
Opportunity To Work on International Case Studies
Get Experience Certificate


1. Register with us by filling a form
Apply by filling out an application form with your details.

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2. Qualify Expert Qualification Test (EQT)
If your profile is selected, you will be required to qualify a written test.

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3. Get Assignment Work Orders (AWO)
After qualifying EQT, you will start receiving PAID ASSIGNMENTS.

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4. Get Paid (by Online Money Transfer)

For every completion of AWO, you will be paid fortnightly.

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